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This Hawthorne Village Kang Figure Masterpiece #0099 is a must-have for any serious Star Trek collector. Featuring a stunning representation of the legendary Klingon captain, this figure is intricately detailed and expertly crafted. The figure stands at an impressive height of X inches and comes with a sturdy base for display. With its high-quality construction …

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2010 Hawthorne Village Star Trek “Naked Time” Diorama Sculpture #A0039/3-9. This item does not contain its original packaging nor any paperworks associated with this diorama. Attention: this may be a repaired item. Condition and defects: during photographic and examination process, I noted that the item may have been repaired. I observed possible glue marks by …

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For display purposes only and includes Certificate of Authenticity. Commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, the Starship U. EnterpriseT traveled warp speed across the Galaxy, bringing us one adventure after another. Now, a STAR TREKT figurine set brings two of these unforgettable adventures to life once more. Recreating scenes from two legendary STAR TREK episodes, …

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