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STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE BY BOB PEAK. Star Trek has a rich history of amazing artwork, and the posters of Bob Peak are considered some of the most seminal. Working alongside Bob Peak’s son, Thomas Peak, we have remastered Bob’s original artwork for release as fine art posters, starting with Star Trek: The Motion …

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This is a heavily built-up phaser replica from the Star Trek Original Series, created by Art Asylum in 2003. The design features many modifications to bring it much closer to an accurate prop. Phaser 2 mods include: Metal nozzle which has a spinning center collar. Metal p1 release pin that is a more accurate push …

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Prototype Star Trek Captain Benjamin Sisko Serialized Warp Factor Series 4 Toy Figure Final Engineering Pilot FEP SAMPLE #0 Playmates Toys Boxed MISB 1998 9. This is a Final Engineering Pilot FEP Factory Sample. This item was part of the Pre-Production process and is from a factory clearance. As you can see in the second …

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