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Two pieces of Wacky Packages artwork from the iconic Badzooka Gum (1991) by John Pound. Bazooka Gum parody art is probably the most recognizable imagery from Wacky Packages. A parody was printed in the first series of Wacky Packages as “Gadzooka” and has since been parodied as either “Gadzooka” or “Badzooka” in just about every …

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A beautiful page of 2008 Star Trek: Romulans original art by legendary comic artist John Byrne! This is the original art to Star Trek: Romulans # 2, page 20 and features Lady Arenn, Praetor. On this page: Lady Arenn convinces Praetor to make her son Praetor’s heir apparent and then, on their wedding night, Arenn …

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Dedicated to the memory of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Star Trek: Crew is a 2009 five-part mini-series from IDW that recounts the early career of Number One brought to life by Mrs. Roddenberry in Star Treks pilot episode The Cage. It is signed by hand by Byrne. Number One appears on the page also includes a …

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