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2004 Topps Garbage Pail Kids ANS3 Original Art #7. Professionally Framed and Matted… Measurements: 13.5″x12″… Art by Tom Bunk… Comes with a ORIGINAL Topps Vault COA (Certificate of Authenticity) AND a second, personalized COA from Tom Bunk himself!! ENJOY this ONE of a KIND, 1 of 1 piece of Tom Bunk ORIGINAL ARTWORK! For questions …

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Two pieces of Wacky Packages artwork from the iconic Badzooka Gum (1991) by John Pound. Bazooka Gum parody art is probably the most recognizable imagery from Wacky Packages. A parody was printed in the first series of Wacky Packages as “Gadzooka” and has since been parodied as either “Gadzooka” or “Badzooka” in just about every …

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