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Handmade Reverse Glass Painting. Materials: Clear Glass, Acrylic Resin, Mixed Media, alpha Jewels, Holographic foil, High Voltage Electricity, Black Satin Metal Section Frame, Hardware, High Tech Wires. Read the full description Description COMET SHOWER#1 (2006) 24 X 14 (61 x 35 cm) is an original reverse glass painting by artist, Dave Archer. As well as …

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DAVE ARCHER SIGNED REVERSE GLASS Gentle Nebula 1984 STAR TREK ART. Painting is named Gentle Nebula. Artwork is an original. It is reversed painted acrylic and foil. Painting is 21 by 24 inches. Painting is signed in the left bottom corner and on reverse. Dave Archer (born 15 January 1941; age 78) is an author …

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Romulan Ale Glass Decanter. As used in the 10th movie Nemesis in 2002 during the scene with Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Shinzon (Tom Hardy). Originally from The Its A Wrap Auctions and complete with COA. It measures approx 11 inches high (28 cms) and 7 inches diameter (18 cms). It is made …

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