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A hand/custom made Drinks Tray Holder with four Perspex glasses for use on Star Trek DS9 TV Series. Used by Avery Brooks, Captain Benjamin Sisko in the pilot episode Emissary from 1993. Comes complete with original COA from Its A Wrap. Its made of thick heavy Aluminium and Perspex. Weighs approximately 2.5 kilos. Measures approximately …

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Far Beyond The Stars. A heavy camel coloured overcoat and pink long sleeved cotton shirt. Made for wear by Avery Brooks, Captain Benjamin Sisko in the excellent episode Far Beyond The Stars. There are two sewn in Deep Space Nine Costume tags indicating that they were worn by Averys Stunt Actor called John Bennett. It …

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Runabout LCARS Panel Artwork for Screen Used Set Dressing. Made from thick mount board, paper and black tape, its suitable for framing and hanging on the wall… Or making your own Runabout! This original artwork was produced by the artwork/design team (Michael Okuda and Rick Sternbach) to take negatives to be then used as back …

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