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8 Star TREK 9IN DOLLS KB toys limited editions from 1998 and 1999 One has broken cellophane, see my photo. Captain James Kirk 65705 Mr. McCoy 65201 Lieutenant Uhura 65202 Lt. Marlena Moreau 65702 Trelane 65703 Edith Keeler 65704 Security Chief Sulu 65701. I have many more Star Trek items listed in my store and …

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Original Keith Birdsong painting used for the cover to the Star Trek book, Q Squared (1994). The painting features photo-realistic images of Captain Picard, Q, and Trelane (from ToS). An additional image of Picard in an electrifying light saber battle redolent of Star Wars is at the top of the piece. The painting was done …

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