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Star trek phaser tos (the original series) Produced by the Wand Company. Very rare to come by as there were only a ltd amount made. Still has original cellophane on the base stand. Loads of info and vids on youtube. Beam me up Scotty. Uk sale only please.

Posted on: June 2, 2024
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Take your Star Trek collection to new heights with our Phaser Rifle, inspired by The Original Series. This prop captures the adventurous spirit of the original Starfleet weaponry, designed with attention to detail. Renderings show parts made of a clear plexiglass-type material; however, in practice, these will be 3D printed to achieve as much clarity …

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Star Trek TOS, Greg Jein, Hero Full Metal 20 PART Package, with Spinner Metal Nozzle. Designed for easy Diamond Select / Art Asylum refits. Now Includes a Mirror Polished Lock-Plate and, Machined Trigger and, Bourns Replica Ten-Turn Top-Dial. The nozzle is a recreation of the Greg Jein owned Hero nozzle as seen on display all …

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For all the Star Trek fans out there, we’ve got a treat for you! This ultra-rare item is a 3-in-one Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control. It comes with sound and light effects. This collectible item is perfect for those who love Science Fiction and Horror genres. It’s a vintage piece and was made in …

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Star Trek Phaser Kit – Jein dimensions. Grey Phaser Kit made with BJB TC-1630 polyurethane RESIN and backed with FIBERGLASS cloth. Comes with the following pieces and plant-ons. P1 TOP, P1 BOTTOM, P1 EMITTER BOX (3 different emiter box fronts for builders choice on look), P2 LEFT, P2 RIGHT, P2 TOP RIBS (3 versions for …

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